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Brega, the Jordanian consultancy for public health, was founded in 1997 by Mr. Nael Darwazeh. He had a vision of providing the Jordanian market with high quality pest control and disinfection services. His aim was to effectively treat pest related issues in the safest way possible, as to not harm any individual’s health and our environment. Fast forward to 24 years later, Brega is now one of the leading companies in public health, pest management, and sterilization.

Whether you have a commercial or residential space, each member of our team is extensively trained to provide you with the best level of pest control and disinfection services. Our pest control programs are based on solid scientific foundations and dedicated services, while also providing advanced programs for pest control and comprehensive sterilization at a global level for the civil, commercial, industrial, service and private sectors. We devote our full potential and efforts to enhance each location we enter and provide our clients with lasting results.

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At Brega we follow an effective and reliable

Integrated Pest Management program (IPM):

Site Inspection

After a comprehensive inspection of the site by Brega’s specialized team in order to study the case and know the nature of the site, the region and its surroundings, in order to define the problems and figure out the best plan of action.

Identification of Pests

Knowledge of pest biology, their basic behavior, habits, and preferred food are an essential element in developing an effective program to control them. Our team continuously assess pest tendencies and their reactions to various substances in different conditions.

Evaluation of Sanitation Standards

our health consultant will coordinate with you to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the level of hygiene on the site to uncover the challenges and critical points.

Evaluation of Pest Proofing Standards:

Our team will also provide you with Preventive Maintenance Reports after every monthly treatment or inspection. These reports will provide you with any necessary measures recommendations to prevent future pest problems, including the denial of pests access by closing their entrance points and altering their present habitat.

Applying Chemical & non-chemical Methods

Our team utilizes the most technologically advanced devices and processes to tackle the problems in each space we enter. This helps ensure that our clients properties are covered from each aspect.

Evaluation of Results & Raising Recommendations

where Pest population levels are continually monitored, to prevent new from beginning or old problems from re-occurring. We also provide a reporting service that forms a link between the operations department at Brega Company and site administration, so that both parties are in direct knowledge of the situation in order to take appropriate measures.


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